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 Geography Teaching 



Geography Teaching



The training of the Geography professional is based on interdisciplinary training in subjects such as humanities, environmental sciences and education. In its curriculum, the geography major presents a range of disciplines that provide the professional with a solid training oriented to the research practice - since this is the principle of general formation – so that the graduate is able to continue his academic life in any geography specific area after graduation.


Labor market

The Geography Teaching degree trains professionals to teaching at primary school and high school, in both public and private education; In Technical Schools, as an educator, consultant and pedagogical coordinator or supervisor of Geography and Humanities and its technologies in the secretariats and education departments (in the municipal, state and federal spheres).

Such professionals may also work in other public bodies, private institutions, associations, NGOs and communities, as well as proceed to their studies at the postgraduate level.


 Admission Options 

 Sisu - Students who are interested in applying for a place at UFTM must necessarily sign up and take the tests related to the National Examination of High School Education – Enem. 

 Transfer students - Intended for UFTM students who are attending related majors, as well as for students from other national or foreign higher education institutions who wish to transfer to the same major or to related majors.

 Diploma holders – Intended for candidates who have already completed a higher education major and who are willing to attend a new undergraduate major at UFTM.

 Readmission – Intended for students who are not enrolled anymore in any undergraduate major at UFTM but wish to return to their studies.





Geography Teaching



Type of Education

Class meetings


Every semester

Nº of admissions per year



Four years (eight semesters)

Year of Recognition


Class time


Campus city


Admission requirement

Complete High School




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